Ultra Zug Bug – 11/04/2015

I first discovered this fly in my Scott Sanchez book, and I tied some as a quick simple replacement for a prince nymph. I use a prince nymph primarily during the spring caddis hatch, as it seems to be a reasonable representation of egg laying adults. I can tie the ultra zug bug much faster than a prince, since I do not attach goose biot tails or wings. I am not sure why I limited my usage of the prince to the spring, since I suspect it would be a fish catcher all year long.

During 2014 I attached an ultra zug bug to my line when I was running low on salvation nymphs. Much to my surprise I discovered that this simple fly was highly desired by Colorado trout in the fall as well as during the spring. Consequently I tied a large batch during the off season and entered 2015 with 50 stashed in my storage box. Because I possessed a significant supply, I opted to attach this sparkling nymph to my line very frequently, and I was pleased to find that it produced fish throughout the season.

[pe2-image src=”http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-HVnj3O8xXM0/VjpFgwZ5UeI/AAAAAAAA5lQ/ZH4SHu8jgx8/s144-c-o/IMG_1761.JPG” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/108128655430094950653/11042015UltraZugBug#6213355064962666978″ caption=”A Newly Completed Ultra Zug Bug” type=”image” alt=”IMG_1761.JPG” ]

I recently took an inventory of my workhorse nymphs, and I determined that I needed to tie twenty-one new versions to boost my supply to fifty. I churned these out in two relatively brief tying sessions, and I am set for the next season.

Tying an ultra zug bug is about as simple as it gets. I tie them mainly on Tiemco size 14 2457 hooks, and I drop a 3/32″ gold brass bead on the hook point and push it around the bend to the hook eye. Next I attach a small clump of brown pheasant feather fibers for the tail, but I am sure alternative sources of brown tailing materials are acceptable. Next I tie in a strand of pearl crystal hair, and this step is followed by dubbing the hook shank from the tail to the bead with peacock dubbing. Taper the body and take it all the way to the bead and fill the area behind the bead generously. Next wrap the crystal hair strand as a rib to the bead and then tie it down and snip it off. I believe the crystal hair rib is a key ingredient of this fly, as it provides a nice sparkle from beneath the shaggy dubbing. Finally spin a couple sparse clumps of dubbing around the hook just behind the bead, and then pull the fibers that extend forward back and place three wraps over them to lock in a rear facing position. Whip finish and coat the thread wraps with head cement. The last step is to comb through the spun dubbing and then cut off the fibers that extend beyond the hook bend.

[pe2-image src=”http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-R3eUDavuQ24/VjpFhS7jyaI/AAAAAAAA5lU/KSwOWN67bEQ/s144-c-o/IMG_1762.JPG” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/108128655430094950653/11042015UltraZugBug#6213355074230667682″ caption=”Ten Additions to My Fly Box” type=”image” alt=”IMG_1762.JPG” ]

That’s it. You now have a simple productive attractor nymph that seems to attract fish all season long. They look extremely buggy, but I am not sure what actual insect they actually imitate. As long as I am catching fish I really do not care.

3 thoughts on “Ultra Zug Bug – 11/04/2015

  1. Hi Dave!! It sucks that pictures aren’t working in your blogs. I just went on a trek to read about your “ultra” zug bug and realized the pictures aren’t working even in you past blogs. It’s true they are like a thousand words (especially in html!) I looked up the zug bug on YouTube but your description make it seem much different. I wanted to try my hand at tying up a few to try the next time I am out. Thanks. Keep up the great blog – I am really enjoying it!!

    • Dave,
      Yes, some sort of malware infected the plug in I used for photos and I had to disable it. That’s why you see only that gibberish code where photos used to appear. I need my son’s help to resolve this, and he is a very busy person. The ultra zug bug is a pattern I got from a Scott Sanchez book I own. I haven’t tried this, but you might Google ultra zug bug Scott Sanchez. It is extremely easy and fast to tie yet very effective.


    • Dave,
      I just tried Googling and all I got was links to my blog! There were some images there though, so you could see my photos that way!


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