Fish Counter

For the cumulative fish count please refer to the first chart on the Fishing Analytics tab. Look for a chart that shows fish count by date for 2020 there as well in the future.

YearTotal Fish Caught
DateLocationFish Landed
03/21/2019Boulder Creek3
03/24/2019North Platte River2
03/25/2019North Platte River6
03/26/2019North Platte River0
03/28/2019Big Thompson River8
04/01/2019North Fork of St. Vrain Creek12
04/04/2019South Boulder Creek5
04/05/2019South Platte River2
04/08/2019Arkansas River6
04/09/2019Boulder Creek7
04/16/2019Boulder Creek13
04/18/2019Green River15
04/19/2019Green River0
04/23/2019Arkansas River12
04/25/2019Clear Creek17
04/26/2019South Platte River12
05/02/2019Boulder Creek12
05/03/2019Arkansas River5
05/06/2019South Boulder Creek28
05/07/2019South Platte River15
05/11/2019Clear Creek7
05/13/2019Clear Creek10
05/14/2019Arkansas River10
05/15/2019South Boulder Creek1
05/16/2019South Platte River9
05/29/2019Kinney Lake1
05/30/2019Wallowa Lake0
06/01/2019Wallowa Lake4
06/11/2019Bear Creek10
06/13/2019South Platte River9
06/14/2019South Platte River28
06/20/2019Pine Valley Ranch Lake0
06/24/2019South Platte River0
06/25/2019Flatirons Reservoir7
07/01/2019Skinny Fish Lake0
07/01/2019Avery Lake0
07/02/2019Trappers Lake0
07/09/2019Yampa River13
07/11/2019Brush Creek1
07/12/2019Frost Creek Ponds1
07/15/2019Yampa River11
07/16/2019Yampa River12
07/17/2019Trout Creek7
07/22/2019Arkansas River10
07/23/2019Arkansas River28
07/24/2019Eagle River17
07/27/2019Eagle River18
07/30/2019Arkansas River15
08/02/2019North Fork of St. Vrain Creek10
08/05/2019Eagle River10
08/06/2019Elk Creek32
08/07/2019Trout Creek18
08/13/2019Cache la Poudre River28
08/15/2019South Boulder Creek40
08/20/2019Taylor River8
08/20/2019Lottis Creek7
08/23/2019Cache la Poudre River9
08/24/2019South Boulder Creek31
08/26/2019Beaver Creek27
08/27/2019Lake Creek26
08/28/2019Elk Creek27
09/05/2019Little Schuylkill River4
09/12/2019South Boulder Creek18
09/14/2019North Fork of the White River31
09/15/2019South Fork of the White River24
09/16/2019Marvine Creek38
09/17/2019North Fork of the White River23
09/25/2019South Platte River8
09/26/2019Clear Creek10
09/27/2019Elk Creek28
10/01/2019South Platte River1
10/03/2019Big Thompson River11
10/06/2019Frost Creek Pond3
10/07/2019Eagle River5
10/08/2019Elk Creek23
10/15/2019South Boulder Creek29
10/16/2019South Platte River20
10/17/2019Clear Creek3
10/22/2019North Fork of St. Vrain Creek3
10/26/2019South Boulder Creek26
11/05/2019Clear Creek4
11/08/2019Elk Creek1
11/08/2019Beaver Creek6
11/10/2019Boulder Creek8
11/15/2019Cache la Poudre River2
11/19/2019South Platte River3
DateLocationFish Landed
01/19/2018Travers River0
01/21/2018Wangapeka River1
01/23/2018Wangapeka River4
01/27/2018Waitaki River2
01/30/2018Routeburn River7
01/30/2018Diamond River0
01/31/2018Diamond River2
03/08/2018South Platte River0
03/15/2018North Fork of the St. Vrain River18
03/20/2018North Platte River0
03/21/2018North Platte River21
03/22/2018North Platte River5
03/30/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek17
04/02/2018South Boulder Creek19
04/05/2018South Platte River19
04/06/2018Arkansas River11
04/10/2018South Platte River7
04/11/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek4
04/16/2018Eagle River21
04/18/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek5
04/19/2018South Platte River31
04/27/2018Boulder Creek6
04/30/2018Big Thompson River10
05/06/2018South Platte River11
05/08/2018Frying Pan River7
05/09/2018Frying Pan River16
05/10/2018Frying Pan River12
05/15/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek10
05/17/2018South Platte River47
05/29/2018Penns Creek5
05/30/2018Penns Creek6
05/31/2018Penns Creek2
06/01/2018Penns Creek0
06/07/2018Steamboat Lake1
06/08/2018Yampa River10
06/11/2018Yampa River13
06/12/2018Eagle River6
06/19/2018Arkansas River7
06/20/2018South Platte River10
06/25/2018Eagle River17
06/28/2018Eagle River7
07/03/2018Skinny Fish Lake0
07/03/2018North Fork of the White River2
07/04/2018North Fork of the White River38
07/06/2018Cache la Poudre River30
07/09/2018Arkansas River14
07/10/2018Arkansas River14
07/11/2018Piney River51
07/12/2018South Boulder Creek2
07/16/2018Cache la Poudre River27
07/17/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek17
07/24/2018Middle Fork of St. Vrain Creek13
07/26/2018Big Thompson River8
07/30/2018Clear Creek11
07/31/2018Dream Lake3
08/01/2018Clear Creek7
08/02/2018Boulder Creek24
08/07/2018South Platte River9
08/09/2018South Boulder Creek38
08/12/2018South Platte River12
08/14/2018North Fork of the Shoshone River4
08/15/2018North Fork of the Shoshone River9
08/17/2018Yellowstone River5
08/18/2018Mill Creek30
08/18/2018Yellowstone River1
08/19/2018Boulder River5
08/22/2018South Boulder Creek25
08/24/2018Clear Creek8
08/28/2018Frying Pan River10
08/29/2018Frying Pan River16
09/05/2018Boulder Creek24
09/06/2018South Platte River2
09/19/2018North Fork of White River25
09/20/2018Marvine Creek42
09/21/2018North Fork of White River30
09/24/2018Colorado River6
09/25/2018South Boulder Creek12
09/27/2018Boulder Creek26
09/30/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek12
10/01/2018Clear Creek7
10/03/2018South Platte River42
10/11/2018Arkansas River20
10/17/2018Boulder Creek12
10/19/2018South Boulder Creek43
10/22/2018Big Thompson River7
10/24/2018Colorado River11
10/25/2018Mountain Creek42
10/26/2018Brush Creek6
10/26/2018Eagle River4
10/29/2018South Boulder Creek36
11/10/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek1
11/15/2018North Fork of St. Vrain Creek5
DateLocationFish Landed
01/30/2017South Platte River0
02/16/2017South Platte River0
02/16/2017Clear Creek1
02/20/2017Clear Creek5
02/22/2017North Fork of St. Vrain11
03/03/2017North Fork of St. Vrain13
03/08/217Clear Creek2
03/09/2017 Cache la Poudre River2
03/14/2017Brush Creek5
03/18/2017Boulder Creek12
03/22/2017South Boulder Creek27
03/23/2017Clear Creek7
03/27/2017North Platte River0
03/28/2017North Platte River6
03/29/2017North Platte River2
03/30/2017Boulder Creek1
04/06/2017South Boulder Creek8
04/07/2017Arkansas River8
04/11/2017South Platte River12
04/13/2017South Platte River10
04/14/2017Clear Creek1
04/17/2017South Platte River23
04/18/2017 South Boulder Creek4
04/19/2017South Platte River3
04/24/2017Bear Creek6
04/25/2017Arkansas River1
05/01/2017North Fork of the St. Vrain River13
05/04/2017Boulder Creek11
05/05/2017South Platte River5
05/12/2017Big Thompson River14
05/15/2017South Platte River10
05/25/2017Big Thompson River10
05/26/2017South Boulder Creek14
05/31/2017South Boulder Creek23
06/01/2017South Platte River9
06/05/2017Sprague Lake2
06/09/2017Timber Coulee7
06/10/2017Camp Creek12
06/10/2017Bad Axe Creek4
06/22/2017Yampa River18
06/23/2017Yampa River17
06/26/2017Urad Lake13
06/28/2017Yampa River12
06/29/2017Yampa River13
07/03/2017Eagle River17
07/05/2017Eagle River12
07/07/2017Cache la Poudre River32
07/10/2017Arkansas River9
07/11/2017 Upper Waterdog Lake3
07/12/2017Arkansas River3
07/13/2017Cache la Poudre River23
07/17/2017Colorado River2
07/18/2017Colorado River2
07/19/2017North Fork of Colorado River2
07/21/2017Cache la Poudre River36
07/24/2017Eagle River15
07/25/2017Piney River30
07/26/2017Arkansas River15
07/27/2017North Fork of the St. Vrain15
07/31/2017Cache la Poudre River26
08/01/2017Arkansas River8
08/02/2017Busk Creek4
08/04/2017Colorado River4
08/04/2017St. Louis Creek15
08/07/2017Boulder Creek7
08/08/2017South Boulder Creek39
08/10/2017Piney River25
08/11/2017South Boulder Creek20
08/14/2017South Boulder Creek14
08/18/2017Elk River, BC3
08/25/2017Bow River17
08/29/2017Clear Creek10
08/31/2017Frying Pan River34
09/01/2017Frying Pan River15
09/11/2017North Fork, White River22
09/12/2017South Fork, White River27
09/13/2017Marvine Creek33
09/14/2017North Fork, White River26
09/18/2017Clear Creek6
09/19/2017South Boulder Creek47
09/20/2017Bear River8
09/21/2017South Boulder Creek42
09/23/2017South Platte River26
09/26/2017Arkansas River6
09/29/2017Boulder Creek10
10/05/2017South Platte River16
10/08/2017South Platte River0
10/12/2017Big Thompson River11
10/13/2017North Fork of the St. Vrain10
10/15/2017Cache la Poudre River5
10/16/2017Clear Creek7
10/17/2017South Boulder Creek46
10/19/2017South Boulder Creek16
10/21/2017Clear Creek5
10/25/2017Eagle River8
10/26/2017Frying Pan River2
11/01/2017Eagle River4
11/02/2017South Boulder Creek28
11/03/2017Clear Creek1
11/13/2017South Boulder Creek21
11/14/2017Clear Creek0
11/16/2017Boulder Creek6
11/20/2017Boulder Creek5
11/22/2017South Boulder Creek6
11/27/2017North Fork of the St. Vrain Creek9
12/01/2017Boulder Creek7
DateLocationFish Landed
02/29/2016South Platte River0
03/04/2016North Fork of St. Vrain Creek5
03/11/2016North Fork of St. Vrain Creek7
03/13/2016Arkansas River9
03/28/2016South Platte River3
04/03/2016Arkansas River6
04/06/2016South Boulder Creek4
04/07/2016Big Thompson River5
04/10/2016Arkansas River15
04/13/2016Big Thompson River19
04/15/2016Arkansas River11
04/20/2016Boulder Creek11
04/21/2016Big Thompson River3
04/25/2016Arkansas River11
04/26/2016Arkansas River6
04/29/2016Eagle River2
04/30/2016Brush Creek1
05/03/2016Clear Creek9
05/04/2016Arkansas River10
05/05/2016Arkansas River5
05/09/2016Big Thompson River10
05/10/2016Clear Creek8
05/12/2016South Platte River62
05/13/2016South Platte River58
05/18/2016Clear Creek18
05/19/2016Boulder Creek12
05/20/2016South Platte River17
05/23/2016 South Platte River15
05/25/2016South Boulder Creek14
06/01/2016Penns Creek 6
06/02/2016Penns Creek3
06/03/2016Penns Creek7
06/13/2016South Platte River30
06/17/2016Urad Lake15
06/19/2016Taylor River2
06/20/2016Taylor River10
06/23/2016Yampa River20
06/28/2016Yampa River16
06/29/2016Yampa River8
07/02-2016Eagle River3
07/03/2016Yampa River4
07/05/2016Eagle River12
07/06/2016Arkansas River15
07/08/2016Arkansas River13
07/11/2016Eagle River13
07/11/2016Homestake Creek0
07/12/2016Halfmoon Creek0
07/12/2016Arkansas River14
07/14/2016Cache la Poudre River21
07/15/2016Cache la Poudre River9
07/17/2016Conejos River5
07/18/2016Conejos River4
07/18/2016Lake Fork of Conejos7
07/19/2016Elk Creek23
07/19/2016Conejos River1
07/20/2016Conejos River17
07/26/2016Frying Pan River14
07/27/2016Frying Pan River43
07/29/2016Boulder Creek20
08/02/2016Piney River30
08/03/2016Big Thompson River11
08/04/2016South Boulder Creek31
08/05/2016Clear Creek5
08/10/2016Chalk Creek6
08/13/2016Boulder Creek9
08/17/2016South Platte River0
08/19/2016Clear Creek15
08/21/2016Gore Creek0
08/22/2016Piney River13
08/24/2016Bear River20
08/25/2016Bear River17
08/31/2016Colorado River13
09/01/2016Clear Creek3
09/06/2016South Platte River40
09/07/2016South Boulder Creek35
09/11/2016South Fork of the White River5
09/12/2016South Fork of the White River11
09/13/2016North Fork of the White River48
09/14/2016North Fork of the White River15
09/19/2016Arkansas River6
09/20/2016Arkansas River5
09/26/2016Beaver Lake2
09/27/2016Gunnison River3
09/29/2016Big Thompson River14
10/03/2016South Platte River4
10/05/2016Clear Creek14
10/06/2016Arkansas River6
10/09/2016Clear Creek17
10/10/2016Clear Creek16
10/11/2016Big Thompson River14
10/18/2016Clear Creek28
10/21/2016Clear Creek9
10/23/2016Arkansas River1
10/24/2016Taylor River7
10/26/2016Clear Creek14
10/27/2016South Boulder Creek10
11/03/2016Clear Creek13
11/04/2016South Boulder Creek26
11/09/2016South Boulder Creek9
11/14/2016Clear Creek8
11/15/2016South Boulder Creek11
DateLocationFish Landed
02/14/2015South Platte River0
03/15/2015Arkansas River11
03/28/2015Eagle River4
03/28/2015Brush Creek2
04/01/2015South Boulder Creek6
04/05/2015Clear Creek5
04/07/2015Arkansas River13
04/12/2015Cache la Poudre River7
04/14/2015Arkansas River13
04/20/2015North Platte River1
04/21/2015North Platte River15
04/22/2015North Platte River3
04/24/2015Arkansas River5
04/25/2015South Boulder Creek8
04/28/2015Clear Creek8
04/29/2015Big Thompson River12
04/30/2015Arkansas River8
05/01/2015Arkansas River10
05/06/2015Beaver Dam Creek6
05/06/2015South Holston River0
05/07/2015Little River, VA2
05/12/2015Tuckasegee River9
05/26/2015South Platte River3
05/28/2015Big Thompson River13
06/09/2015Lake Parvin3
06/13/2015Castle Creek6
06/13/2015Deerfield Reservoir2
06/15/2015Spearfish Creek3
06/22/2015Steamboat Lake0
06/23/2015Yampa River12
06/30/2015Yampa River14
06/30/2015Dumont Lake4
07/01/2015Yampa River20
07/03/2015Yampa River7
07/05/2015Elk River5
07/09/2015Eagle River11
07/10/2015Eagle River7
07/16/2015Crystal River12
07/17/2015Frying Pan River15
07/20/2015Mitchell Lake0
07/21/2015Conejos River9
07/22/2015Conejos River35
07/23/2015Conejos River24
07/24/2015Arkansas River9
07/27/2015Boulder Creek17
07/30/2015Eagle River6
07/31/2015Eagle River9
08/03/2015Cache la Poudre13
08/08/2015Elk River, BC20
08/09/2015Elk River, BC6
08/12/2015Brush Creek5
08/15/2015Baker Creek1
08/26/2015South Boulder Creek21
08/28/2015South Platte River26
08/31/2015Clear Creek11
09/01/2015Williams Fork River4
09/08/2015North Fork of White River18
09/09/2015North Fork of White River38
09/10/2015South Fork of White River38
09/11/2015Eagle River2
09/15/2015Frying Pan River12
09/16/2015Frying Pan River16
09/18/2015Arkansas River9
09/19/2015Arkansas River12
09/29/2015Clear Creek8
09/30/2015Big Thompson River28
10/01/2015Arkansas River11
10/02/2015Arkansas River20
10/05/2015Piney River7
10/06/2015Big Thompson River11
10/08/2015South Platte River51
10/09/2015Clear Creek21
10/11/2015Blue River1
10/12/2015Clear Creek14
10/13/2015Arkansas River7
10/15/2015Colorado River2
10/16/2015South Boulder Creek10
10/20/2015Big Thompson River10
10/25/2015South Platte River13
10/28/2015Clear Creek11
10/29/2015Clear Creek21
11/02/2015Clear Creek10
11/03/2015South Platte River3
11/09/2015Clear Creek2
11/23/2015Arkansas River6
12/08/2015South Boulder Creek0
DateWaterFish Landed
02/16/2014South Platte River0
03/13/2014Arkansas River6
03/24/2014North Platte River1
03/25/2014North Platte River31
03/26/2014North Platte River7
03/29/2014Clear Creek3
04/09/2014Arkansas River3
04/15/2014South Platte River3
04/21/2014Arkansas River3
04/25/2014South Boulder Creek9
05/02/2014Big Thompson River10
05/06/2014South Boulder Creek3
05/16/2014South Platte River21
05/20/2014South Boulder Creek4
05/24/2014Brush Creek0
05/25/2014Brush Creek4
05/29/2014South Platte River6
06/01/2014Palmer Reservoir1
06/04/2014Bad Axe Creek2
06/05/2014Camp Creek18
06/14/2014South Platte River1
06/26/2014Frying Pan River9
06/27/2014Frying Pan River10
06/30/2014Colorado River7
07/04/2014Brush Creek2
07/05/2014Eagle River13
07/05/2014Brush Creek5
07/06/2014Brush Creek 8
07/09/2014Arkansas River16
07/10/2014Eagle River14
07/11/2014Eagle River17
07/17/2014Eagle River21
07/18/2014Eagle River15
07/24/2014Green River1
07/25/2014Green River1
07/26/2014South Fork of Snake River1
07/27/2014Rainey Creek7
07/28/2014Bear Creek, ID24
08/02/2014South Boulder Creek9
08/06/2014South Boulder Creek23
08/07/2014Taylor River20
08/08/2014Upper Taylor River8
08/08/2014Taylor River3
08/11/2014Lake Crescent3
08/12/2014Sol Duc River15
08/12/2014Lake Crescent0
08/21/2014Arkansas River1
08/22/2014South Platte River23
08/30/2014South Boulder Creek15
09/05/2014Arkansas River34
09/07/2014Clear Creek13
09/10/2014Frying Pan River17
09/10/2014Reudi Reservoir1
09/11/2014Frying Pan River29
09/11/2014Reudi Reservoir3
09/12/2014Upper Frying Pan River4
09/12/2014Frying Pan River10
09/16/2014North Fork of White River40
09/17/2014North Fork of White River26
09/18/2014South Fork of White River24
09/19/2014Eagle River9
09/21/2014Arkansas River17
10/03/2014Arkansas River9
10/07/2014Colorado River4
10/08/2014Bear River12
10/08/2014Yampa River5
10/09/2014Blue River0
10/11/2014Colorado River1
10/24/2014South Boulder Creek13
10/25/2014Clear Creek13
10/26/2014Arkansas River13
11/09/2014Clear Creek8
11/29/2014South Platte River0
03/25/2013North Platte River3
03/26/2013North Platte River29
03/27/2013North Platte River7
04/03/2013Arkansas River15
04/04/2013South Platte River3
04/21/2013Arkansas River17
04/25/2013Big Thompson River17
04/26/2013Arkansas River20
04/29/2013Big Thompson River10
05/04/2013Arkansas River16
05/05/2013Arkansas River9
05/10/2013Arkansas River7
05/13/2013Big Thompson River6
05/30/2013Penns Creek14
05/31/2013Penns Creek2
06/18/2013Metolius River0
06/19/2013Crooked River4
06/28/2013Arkansas River15
06/29/20113North Fork of St. Vrain River36
07/02/2013Bear Creek8
07/03/2013North Fork of St. Vrain River38
07/05/2013Eagle River10
07/05/2013Brush Creek12
07/06/2013Brush Creek20
07/08/2013Homestake Creek7
07/09/2013Eagle River18
07/10/2013Eagle River6
07/13/2013Roaring River1
07/13/2013Big Thompson River3
07/17/2013Colorado River5
07/18/2013Big Thompson River9
07/20/2013Yampa River10
07/25/2013South Boulder Creek5
08/01/2013Taylor River15
08/02/2013Taylor River9
08/08/2013Big Thompson River14
08/10/2013Arkansas River14
08/13/2013South Platte River8
08/14/2013South Platte River40
08/15/2013Frying Pan River20
08/15/2013Reudi Reservoir10
08/16/2013Frying Pan River9
09/05/2013Frying Pan River14
09/06.2013Frying Pan River29
09/11/2013North Fork of White River21
09/12/2013North Fork of White River18
09/13/2013South Fork of White River7
09/14/2013Green River1
09/15/2013Green River4
09/20/2013Taylor River2
09/21/2013Taylor River18
09/22/2013Frying Pan River10
09/23/2013Frying Pan River27
09/24/2013Frying Pan River8
09/27/2013Brush Creek 10
09/28/2013Eagle River8
10/03/2013Arkansas River26
10/07/2013Eagle River12
10/10/2013Clear Creek24
10/23/2013Arkansas River15
10/31/2013Clear Creek4
11/03/2013South Platte River2
11/16/2013Clear Creek2
12/02/2013Lago Fonck5
12/03/2013Lago Roca4
12/04/2013Rio Manso6
12/05/2013Rio Manso13
12/06/2013Lago Fonck11
12/07/2013Lago Roca7
03/13/2012South Platte River10
03/18/2012Arkansas River8
03/25/2012Clear Creek6
04/06/2012Arkansas River12
04/10/2012Big Thompson River20
04/13/2012Arkansas River32
04/14/2012Clear Creek14
04/18/2012Arkansas River29
04/21/2012Arkansas River7
04/24/2012Arkansas River22
04/27/2012Big Thompson River14
05/02/2012Arkansas River19
05/05/2012NF of St. Vrain8
05/09/2012Clear Creek15
05/12/2012Arkansas River6
05/18/2012Clear Creek2
05/30/2012Lackawanna River0
05/31/2012Big Fishing Creek3
06/01/2012Little Juniata River5
06/02/2012Tulpehocken Creek0
06/03/2012Cedar Creek0
06/04/2012Manatawny Creek0
06/05/2012Northwest Branch of Perkiomen Creek7
06/09/2012Arkansas River7
06/12/2012South Platte River0
06/15/2012Arkansas River8
06/17/2012Arkansas River6
06/24/2012Clear Creek5
06/28/2012Roaring River28
06/30/2012Conejos River14
07/04/2012North Fork of St. Vrain River9
07/04/2012Big Thompson River1
07/07/2012Colorado River3
07/13/2012East Fork, Brush Creek19
07/14/2012Brush Creek6
07/20/2012Taylor River9
07/26/2012Taylor River16
07/27/2012Taylor River24
08/05/2012South Boulder Creek6
08/07/2012Clear Creek4
08/10/2012Taylor River32
08/12/2012Taylor River19
08/16/2012South Boulder Creek12
08/17/2012South Platte River35
08/23/2012Frying Pan River20
08/24/2012Frying Pan River34
08/25/2012Frying Pan River22
09/01/2012Red Mountain Creek11
09/02/2012Rio Grande River2
09/06/2012South Boulder Creek13
09/07/2012Clear Creek9
09/08/2012South Platte River18
09/09/2012South Platte River15
09/13/2012Frying Pan River21
09/14/2012Frying Pan River23
09/20/2012South Boulder Creek16
09/22/2012Arkansas River18
09/23/2012Arkansas River10
09/25/2012Big Thompson River13
09/26/2012Clear Creek18
09/26/2012South Boulder Creek0
09/27/2012Big Thompson River15
09/28/2012Arkansas River26
10/02/2012Arkansas River28
10/03/2012Big Thompson River18
10/12/2012Arkansas River15
10/17/2012South Platte River3
10/21/2012South Boulder Creek16
10/23/2012South Boulder Creek11
11/04/2012Big Thompson River9
11/07/2012Arkansas River13
11/18/2012Arkansas River6
11/21/2012Big Thompson River5
DateLocation# Fish
11/18/2011Clear Creek2
11/12/2011Arkansas River3
10/29/2011Brush Creek1
10/29/2011Eagle River5
10/23/2011Big Thompson River9
10/15/2011South Platte River23
10/5/2011Big Thompson River25
10/3/2011Clear Creek8
10/1/2011Tarryall Creek12
9/26/2011Clear Creek10
9/25/2011Arkansas River14
9/23/2011Big Thompson River14
9/22/2011North Platte River2
9/16/2011Frying Pan River15
9/15/2011Frying Pan River11
9/13/2011Arkansas River16
9/11/2011Big Thompson River15
9/4/2011Yampa River1
9/3/2011Yampa River6
8/30/2011South Platte River2
8/24/2011Deschutes River2
8/23/2011Clackamas River4
8/20/2011Taylor River10
8/19/2011Taylor River16
8/15/2011Clear Creek13
8/14/2011Clear Creek9
8/13/2011Brush Creek5
8/12/2011Brush Creek1
8/12/2011East Fork, Brush Creek 8
8/7/2011Upper Taylor River11
8/6/2011Upper Taylor River12
7/30/2011Eagle River17
7/27/2011Chalk Creek5
7/27/2011Arkansas River3
7/22/2011Conejos River17
7/21/2011Conejos River30
7/20/2011Conejos River1
7/17/2011Arkansas River9
7/10/2011Mitchell/Brainard Lakes0
6/25/2011Copper River15
6/24/2011Tommy Creek11
6/24/2011Sid Larsen Creek7
6/23/2011Gibralter Creek9
6/23/2011Dennis Creek7
6/22/2011Copper River20
6/21/2011Copper River11
6/20/2011Copper River2
6/5/2011Bear Creek6
5/29/2011Big Thompson River12
5/22/2011South Platte River0
5/18/2011Bear Creek8
5/17/2011South Platte River5
5/10/2011Big Thompson River13
5/5/2011Arkansas River5
4/28/2011Arkansas River5
4/21/2011Arkansas River17
4/16/2011Arkansas River8
4/9/2011South Platte River0
4/2/2011Bear Creek4

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