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Presidents’ Weekend – 02/19/2012

Presidents’ Weekend 02/19/2012 Photo Album

Jane and I decided not to rent our condo in Dillon for Presidents’ Weekend as our Colorado ski passes are blacked out for Vail and Beaver Creek, and this concentrates all the skiers at the remaining available areas on the pass. Since we didn’t have this commitment, Jane decided to use some air miles that were going to expire in six months to book a trip back to New Jersey to visit her parents and sister Jill and Jill’s family. Meanwhile Dave looked forward to a restful weekend preparing federal and state income tax returns.

Dave's Valentine's Day Gift

Jane’s weekend pretty much worked out as planned, although she suffered through flight delays on Friday evening and didn’t arrive at her hotel until 3:15AM on Saturday morning. Fortunately she didn’t have any time commitments on Saturday and was able to sleep for perhaps four hours before preparing a tasty breakfast for her Mom and Dad. After breakfast she visited with sister Jill and then took her niece Jaelyn shopping for birthday gifts. Apparently they visited quite a few stores and Jaelyn bought some nice Phillies sportswear.

Hanging Out for Jaelyn's Birthday

Saturday evening Jane, the McKays and her dad went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze and apparently a great time was had by all. On Sunday Jane watched some old home movies that were converted to VHS tapes with her parents and then took a nice walk along the Cooper River before returning to the McKays for a pizza dinner.

The Presidents' Weekend Task

Meanwhile Dave cared for Pip, our maverick cat and fit in his exercise routines around preparing federal and state income tax returns. One of the highlights was opening a Valentine’s gift of Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro on Saturday followed by a delicious home cooked meal of fish sticks, lima beans and buttered egg noodles. This is a bit of a joke as Jane doesn’t like fish sticks or lima beans, so when she travels, Dave always uses that as an opportunity to make his favorites.