Deer Hair Caddis – 02/24/2019

Deer Hair Caddis 02/24/2019 Photo Album

Caddis represent one of the most prevalent aquatic insects throughout North America and in all likelihood, the world. I never visit a stream without an adequate supply of deer hair caddis. I stock size 14, 16 and 18; and I focus my body colors on olive-brown, light gray, tan, and pale yellow. This array of caddis seems to cover nearly all the situations, that I encounter on the streams, that I visit. For a material table and additional commentary on the deer hair caddis visit my post of 11/28/2011.

I tie the deer hair caddis in a very sparse manner, and this style served me well over the years. I recall several situations, where I caught fish, while a nearby fisherman experienced less success; and when we compared flies, the other angler displayed a much bushier version of the caddis. I do rely heavily on stimulators in size 12 and 14, and these flies form a much fuller image to feeding trout.

Side View

I collected all my deer hair caddis from my various sources and determined that adequate quantities remained from previous tying efforts. I found three size 16’s that were lacking a full wing, and I partially deconstructed them to add a fresh deer hair wing and hackle. One possessed a light gray body, and two carried an olive-brown body. A full wing is critical, as it greatly improves the visibility of this earth-toned fly.

Two Dark Olive and One Light Gray

The deer hair caddis is obviously a useful pattern for blizzard caddis hatches, but I also prospect with them in situations when the trout exhibit an elevated level of selectivity as evidenced by numerous refusals. Caddis season cannot arrive soon enough in 2019.


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