Ultra Zug – 01/31/2012

Another fly that caught my eye as I perused the Scott Sanchez book was the ultra zug so I decided to make some. I made five with beadheads, and I think these could be used in place of prince nymphs. I love the crystal flash rib and the collar of spun dubbing. They look extremely buggy and require no wing case or feather fibers for legs.
HookTiemco 2457, size 14
BeadGold to fit hook
ThreadBlack 6/0
TailGuinea feather fibers
RibStrand of crystal flash
BodySynthetic peacock dubbing
CollarSynthetic peacock dubbing spun and clipped
Zug Bug

I’m betting the fish will not miss the wing case and legs. I’ve had the most luck with prince nymphs during the Arkansas River caddis season of late April and early May. I believe the trout take the prince nymph for submerged egg layers, and the ultra zug could work well in this situation.

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  1. Hi Dave, thanks for sharing! Can you tell me what color of peacock dubbing and crystal flash you are using for this Ultra Zug? Thanks!

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