Zebra Midge – 12/20/2023

Zebra Midge 12/20/2023 Photo Album

If you are new to fly tying, and you desire a confidence boost, tie some zebra midges. These flies require only four materials, and that includes the hook and thread. You will also fancy yourself a production tier, as you churn out these simple flies in a matter of a few minutes.

Simplicity may be one favorable characteristic, but they also happen to be effective fish catchers. I do not often resort to a midge fly, but when I do, a zebra midge is often an early choice. These tiny gems are present in trout streams throughout all seasons, and trout rely on them for calories during the winter.

If you would like to learn more about the zebra midge click on this post from 01/24/2014. I counted my supply of black and olive zebra midges, and determined that I had adequate quantities in my various fly storage containers. Nevertheless, I approached my vise and produced eight new ones in order to remain in practice. I made two blacks with a copper rib, two blacks with a red rib, and four olive with a silver rib. Bring on the midge sippers in2024.

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