Sparkle Wing RS2 – 12/13/2023

Sparkle Wing RS2 12/13/2023 Photo Album

Once again I made a modification to the sparkle wing RS2 pattern. I replaced the antron wing with fluoro fiber, and this resulted in a narrower wing than that which resulted from using antron. I’m not sure if the narrower profile will be more to the liking of wild trout, but I plan to find out in the upcoming season.

On previous posts on the sparkle wing, I noted that my reliance on this synthetic version of the classic RS2 was increasing with each season. During 2023 I felt that the trend leveled off, and I caught just as many fish on the classic RS2 as the sparkle wing version. Nevertheless, I settled down at my vise and churned out four new sparkle wings with two going to my friend Nate.

For excellent background information and a materials table click on this link to my 1/21/2011 post.