Scuds – 12/18/2020

Scuds 12/18/2020 Photo Album

Scuds, scuds and scuds. According to most knowledgeable sources (fly fishing magazines), scuds are an important food source to trout around the world particularly during the winter months. While aquatic insects lie dormant in their nymph form, scuds continue to cling to aquatic vegetation and consequently get dislodged on a fairly frequent basis. Hungry winter trout do not miss the opportunity to grab these nourishing bits as they float by. We all love shrimp cocktail!

Fresh Water Shrimp

My post of 12/20/2019 described my hiatus from fishing scuds and also outlined some of my successes during the 90’s, when an orange scud in April and May was a ticket to a full net. The piece from December 2019 also highlights a few of my deviations from the standard scud tying procedure. Rather than waiting another twenty years to replenish my supply of scuds, I counted my current stock in my various storage containers, and I determined that I needed three additional gray and one olive. I fished scuds a few more times than normal in 2020, and that perhaps accounted for the shrinkage in inventory.

Nice Lighting

I am determined to give scuds a fair trial in 2021. They worked in the 90’s, and the experts swear by them, so I am convinced that a vote of confidence from this angler will yield results.

A Batch of Four with the Needed Materials

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    1. wellerfish Post author

      Hi George – Unfortunately I never caught a trout in December. I tried twice early in the month when the weather was reasonably mild. I fished for a total of five hours and had one brief temporary hook up. After that the weather turned colder, and I frankly was not motivated to drive for an hour or more to freeze my butt and possibly catch a fish or two. The best place to try would have been the South Platte, but I always get frustrated there by the crowds. Another good place would be the Arkansas below Pueblo, but I had a bad experience there, when some vandals broke into my friends car and stole my wallet and phone, and I’m spooked to go back. Maybe this year, 2021. Wait does that mean I need to fish in January? Maybe not. It’s weather dependent.

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