Sid Larsen Creek – 6/24/2011

Time: 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Location: Last ten yards and then far out into lake

Fish Landed: 7

Sid Larsen Creek 06/24/2011 Photo Album

We motored over to the mouth of Sid Larsen Creek, and Mark and Jordan gathered wood and built a fire to cook Slam’s southwest chicken stew for lunch. Jordan found a wood frog, and we photographed that before eating lunch. Sid Larsen was a beautiful spot with a waterfall 20 yards upstream from the inlet to the lake, and the trees and bushes came much closer to the lake and stream than Dennis or Tommy Creeks.

Mark Also Picks Up Wood

Wood Frog

Waterfalls to Lake

Mark and Jordan said there were many small rainbows and grayling in the pocket water and the large plunge pool below the falls, so we concentrated in the 10 yards of water above the mouth and then the current and run that extended out into the lake. Initially I stripped a white streamer on a sink tip line after making long casts across the creek, but this didn’t produce any takes. Jordan tied on a dry fly, and I caught a bunch of small rainbows, but many were too small to count. I raised my minimum threshold from six inches in the lower 48 to 8 inches in Alaska.

Growing weary of the small fish, we converted to indicator fishing with rubber pheasant tail and the flesh fly on the bottom. This produced a 20” rainbow on the flesh fly, but action slowed again and Jordan switched me back to a woolly bugger and then a Clouser-style streamer. I covered the water from the mouth far out into the lake with these flies to no avail. Casting these large streamers long distance really put an ache in my shoulder and back.

Sid Larsen Beauty

We finally called it a day around 5PM and motored back to the lodge for dinner. I landed 7 of 10 countable fish at Sid Larsen Creek.

Sun Reflects on Lake at 10:45PM

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