Salvation Nymph – 11/09/2020

Salvation Nymph 11/09/2020 Photo Album

I have very little to add to the saga of the salvation nymph that was not reported in my 11/17/2019 post. For a materials table and tying instructions check out my 12/20/2011 post. The only significant modification that I incorporated into this pattern since 2011 is the usage of Solarez UV resin on the nymph back and wing case. This step really brings out the flash of the flashback black and flashabou.

Poor Lighting

The salvation nymph continued in its role as one of my top producers in 2020. In fact when I counted my stock of flies, I realized that I lost many more salvation nymphs than hares ear nymphs. Typically loss of flies is an indicator of productivity and time spent on my line. I am hesitant to label the salvation as number one, as I missed a month of fishing from the middle of April through the end of May due to heart surgery, and this time period generally highlights the fishing catching capabilities of the hares ear nymph. Rather than quibble over the ranking, I can assert that the salvation nymph is a top two producer among all my offerings.

21 Salvation Nymphs Completed

I tied twenty-one new salvation nymphs to increase my inventory to one hundred in preparation for the 2021 season. I am confident that this fly will once again be a first choice throughout the upcoming season.

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