Iron Sally – 01/20/2013

Iron Sally 01/20/2013 Photo Album

Nice Top View

Nice Top View

Another fly I was introduced to by Taylor Edrington is the Iron Sally which serves as a nymph imitation of the yellow sallies that are prevelant on many Colorado streams during the summer. I purchased a couple from Royal Gorge Anglers but wanted to produce some on my own this winter, and over the weekend I had my opportunity. I found a YouTube video that demonstated the tying steps, and made a trip to Charlie’s Fly Box to purchase ingredients that I was missing. I bought some Tiemco 5262 size 14 nymph hooks, gold ultra wire, and some black crystal flash and returned home to begin the process of tying my first prototype.

The fly is more time consuming than a hares ear nymph mostly due to the split out of the crystal flash fibers and the amount of materials added to the thorax area late in the process. I ended up using three different dubbing materails for the thorax area, but my favorite was natural hares ear. I ended up making five to go along with the one that I purchased and they look very attractive, but I wonder if they are really any more effective than a hares ear. The ultra wire abdomen definitely gives the fly more weight and the crystal flash makes it stand out more.

I’m anxious to give it a try and let the fish determine what they prefer. On to Pool Toy hoppers as my next new tying project.

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