Eastern Road Trip Day 6 – 05/26/2018

Eastern Road Trip Day 6 05/26/2018 Photo Album

Jane and I awoke early on Saturday and read the paper and checked Instagram, before Carol and John stirred at 8AM. Carol served leftover watermelon and delicious pumpkin bread for breakfast. After breakfast we packed our bags and once again set the rental car in motion. On Saturday our destination was Greenville, SC, and after skirting an accident on interstate 85 we arrived at the Embassy Suites and checked into a room.

Angled Bridge over Reedy Creek in Greenville, SC

Jane immediately connected with her friend, Wendy, for some wedding preparation duties, and I endured a fifty-two minute run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I valued the exercise, but I was not well adapted to the 83 degree temperatures and the relatively high humidity.

Outside Our Hotel

Love the Swamp Rabbit Trail

At 5:30PM Jane and I walked to the Zen Meeting Center, where we joined Wendy, Scott, Erik, Emily and wedding guests for a fun rehearsal party event. We anxiously anticipated the big day, Sunday, when Erik and Emily would become husband and wife.

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