South Platte River – 05/18/1997

Location: Nighthawk Hill intersection with South Platte River up to Osprey Campground

Time: 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Fish Landed: 10

Nice day, high around 75 degrees. Rain and cloudy in late afternoon. Caught 10 trout altogether. Caught brown below small island below Osprey on tan San Juan worm. Caught rainbow on San Juan worm just below where brown was caught. Caught two rainbows on San Juan worm below rocks in current seams half way down to first pullout. After lunch caught large rainbow on orange scud by high bank below long island. Caught two browns in run below long island on orange scud. Finally caught 3 beautiful browns on light pink San Juan worm in current seam below island 2 directly across from Nighthawk Hill road.

South Platte River – 05/13/1997

Time: 9:30AM Р4:30PM

Location: Nighthawk hill road upstream to campground

Landed: 15

Nice day. Temperature in high 70’s and sunny most of day. Somewhat windy at times. Caught 15 trout. Fished from Nighthawk hill road upstream to campground. Caught 2 nice browns on tan San Juan worm in run where river comes near road up from Nighthawk Hill road. Caught several nice rainbows at bend by campground before lunch. Caught a nice brown on worm in shallow run below island below campground. Caught most of the remainder of trout in riffles and runs along roadside bank by large evergreen trees downstream from campground. Caught one rainbow on orange scud among this bunch. All other trout were caught on tan San Juan worm.