Yellow Sallies 2013

Yellow Sallies 2013 Photo Album

Yellow sallies are quite prevalent on Colorado Rivers during the summer months, and I probably don’t use them as often as I should. I’ve seen fairly steady emergences of yellow sallies on the upper Colorado River near Parshall and have experienced fair success there fishing a yellow sally imitation. I just finished tying quite a few deer hair caddis and the yellow sally pattern I like is essentially the same style fly so I moved right into producing ten size 16 yellow sallies.

Yellow Sally

Yellow Sally

The pattern only requires a hook and thread and three materials; yellow dubbing, yellow elk hair, and a ginger hackle. Similar to the deer hair caddis, I applied head cement to the thread wraps in front of the body before attaching the elk hair wing. I hope to use this fly as a prospecting dry fly during the summer of 2013.

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