Ultra Zug Bug – 11/10/2020

Ultra Zug Bug 11/10/2020 Photo Album

Go to my post of 11/21/2019 to see the narrative on the ultra zug bug, that I published last November. This piece contains links to other older posts that provide a materials chart and tying steps. Another link takes you to a post that describes how I was introduced to this fly and became acquainted with its effectiveness.


The ultra zug bug is probably my third most effective fly after the beadhead hares ear nymph and salvation nymph. I use it as an attractor similar to a prince nymph, but I also suspect it imitates a caddis pupa with its iridescent sheen and a sheath that mimics a caddis pupa.

Bringing Them Closer

I counted my supply of ultra zug bugs and determined that six new flies would increment my holdings to sixty for the upcoming season. I approached the vise and cranked out the necessary number, and I am now possess a more than adequate quantity to tempt western trout during 2021.

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