South Platte River – 6/6/10

Time: 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Location: Pullout downstream from Nighthawk before big bend

Fish Landed: 1

South Platte River 06/06/2010 Photo Album

It was a very hot Sunday and Allen Gilbert had returned to Vermont and Wendy hadn’t yet arrived. I suggested to Jane that we head to the South Platte, and she could sit in her chair and read in the outdoors while I tested the water with flies. I checked the flows, and they were recently raised to 312.

Flowering Shrub Along South Platte
Jane Avoids Sun and Heat

We got a late start and arrived at the parking lot a mile or so below the Nighthawk turn off after noon and ate our lunches. After lunch I put on my fishing gear and hiked down the road a bit. There were campers, and picnickers, and kayakers and tubers everywhere. I fished back to the car and then went around a gentleman above the parking lot. The water was somewhat murky, but visibility to around 3 feet or so.

Kayakers Approach Dave

I fished upstream for another hour or so and finally managed to land a small brown in the area where a small narrow island is positioned close to the roadside bank.

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