South Platte River – 4/9/2011

Time: 11:30AM – 2:30PM

Location: Whale Rock area downstream from Nighthawk

Fish Landed: 0

South Platte River 04/09/2011 Photo Album

With weather reasonably nice on Saturday, but forecast to be cool and possibly damp on Sunday, Jane and I packed the Sante Fe and headed off to the South Platte River. Taxes could wait until Sunday when the weather wasn’t as nice.

We arrived at the parking lot below Whale Rock at around 11:15, and I was on the river fishing by 11:30. I helped Jane down the path to a spot near the river by the car, and then we walked down the road, and Jane snapped a few photos before I descended into the canyon to begin fishing. It was quite windy with intermittent clouds and sun. I walked a short stretch downstream to the point where the river spills over a cascade. The water was higher than usual for this time of year, but clear and quite fishable. Because of the extra flows and the wind, I tied on a pink San Juan worm and trailed a beadhead hares ear.

Dave Set to Pursue Trout on Saturday

I worked all the likely spots on the roadside of the river, but had no success. When I reached a point perhaps half way to the bend below the parking lot, I crossed as the river fanned out and enabled a reasonably safe ford. I walked down to a point across from where I’d begun, and fished back up along the west bank, again with no success for my efforts. I crossed back at the same point and fished a nice juicy deep run midway to the bend pool. I clipped off the San Juan worm and tied on the hares ear as a top fly and the GO2 caddis on the bottom. Neither of these flies interested fish in the deep run, and I proceeded to the bend pool.

Near Starting Point

Here I covered all the likely water and thought I spotted a rise in the V where the eddy swirled back along the main current. I also spotted what appeared to be two tiny BWO’s. I’d been fishing for an hour now, so I decided to return to the car, eat lunch and see how Jane was doing. Jane was seated in her chair by the river with her hood up and back toward the gusting wind. We loaded the car with her chair and my fishing gear and drove back up the road to the next parking lot, which I named Latino Landing. We ate our lunches in the car to remain sheltered from the wind.

Nice Hole

Beadhead Hares Ear and RS2

After lunch I hiked up the road, and Jane once again accompanied. Unfortunately another fisherman had come down the road and was standing across from the boulder stretch that I love that harbors many brown trout. I elected to move above him, and dropped down the bank and began nymphing a nice long deep run that feeds into the pool/boulder area. I switched out the GO2 caddis for a beadhead RS2. I added a second split shot to account for the deeper water and higher velocity current. Once again I was disappointed and moved on upstream along the left bank fishing likely runs. The wind was really gusting by now, and I was forced to stop fishing from time to time to wait out the gusts. My last stop was the nice deep run and pool across from a vertical rock wall. I worked this water for ten minutes or so and decided the fishing wasn’t worth all the hassle and returned to the car. Jane was sitting in the car reading. We packed everything up and drove back to Denver.

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