Salvation Nymph – 01/06/2014

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When I posted my last report on the salvation nymph a year ago around this time, it was mainly an experimental fly. I’d caught a few fish on it, but there were other flies in my arsenal that spent more time on the end of my line. After another year of fly fishing I can report that the salvation nymph has improved its ranking among the various flies in my box. There were several occasions during the year when this fly came through in a big way, so I decided to replenish my supply for the coming season.

I counted 13 in my large storage box plus a few in my fleece pouch so I decided to tie an additional 19 to bring my inventory to 35 entering the new season. Upon my return from Argentina and after taking a break during the holiday season, I returned to my fly tying desk with the start of 2014. I finished tying my supply of beadhead hares ear nymphs and launched into salvation nymph production tying mode. I followed the steps outlined in a previous blog post and completed the nineteen according to my plan. Similar to the hares ear nymph I added several additional points where I applied head cement to hopefully prolong the life of the fly before the thread unravels.

Closer Top View

Closer Top View

Once I’d completed nineteen new flies I searched through the four or five canisters of unraveling and damaged flies on my desk and discovered four or five in need of repair. I refurbished these and brought my total stock to 40. Hopefully these will serve me during the coming year as I intend to use the salvation nymph even more frequently than in previous seasons. I love the look of this attractor nymph with numerous points of light reflection including ice dub, pearl flashabou, and flash back black.

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