New Zealand Day 11 – 01/28/2018

New Zealand Day 11 01/28/2018 Photo Album

Sunday in Wanaka was a bit of a rest and relaxation break for Dave; whereas, Jane accepted the challenge of kayaking the Clutha River. She signed up for guided kayaking in the lake the previous day, so she was surprised when the truck and kayak trailer stopped to unload along the Clutha. I suspect that she was the only customer for the lake option, and the kayak touring company combined her with another couple from the U.S. to avoid paying two guides and two drivers. It all worked out, and Jane smiled from ear to ear, when she returned, as she described her exploits on moving water.

[peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”A Sunday Morning Stand Up Paddle Boarder and Loyal Friend on Lake Wanaka” type=”image” alt=”P1270240.JPG” image_size=”2048×1536″ ]

I, meanwhile, came down with a cold, so after a tasty breakfast at the Wanaka Springs Lodge, Jane and I completed a one hour stroll along the lakefront, and on the return we stopped at the Mt. Aspiring Pharmacy. I searched for and found the closest New Zealand equivalent to Dayquil and Nyquil and eagerly made the purchase. I popped a pair of cold pills and spent the remainder of the morning organizing and deleting photos, since my phone was displaying warnings about the lack of storage space.

After lunch I saw Jane off on her kayak venture, and then I enjoyed a two hour nap in our mildly warm room. Jane returned at 5PM and after showers, we walked downtown and consumed an excellent dinner at The Spice Room. I tried a new dish called biryani comprised of basmati rice and lamb, and I was more than satisfied.

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