Light Gray Comparadun – 02/20/2019

Light Gray Comparadun 02/20/2019 Photo Album

I encourage the followers of this blog to check out my post, Comparaduns – 02/21/2014, for an interesting description of my introduction to comparaduns and some excellent pointers on how to tie an attractive mayfly imitation without hackle. The comparadun style continues to excel during mayfly hatches in the west.

A Pair of 16’s

Comparaduns effectively imitate pale morning duns, western green drakes, and blue winged olives in the west along with a myriad of mayfly hatches in the east. I fish primarily in the west, so my focus is on the big three listed at the beginning of the above sentence. For small blue winged olives I substitute CDC for deer hair for the wing, as it compresses more and does not contribute the bulk that accompanies deer hair.

Zoomed on Three

As is my custom, I counted my supplies of light gray comparaduns in sizes 18 through 14, and I determined that I possessed adequate quantities of each. Having assured myself of the necessary inventory of light gray, I sorted through my damaged fly canisters, and I found three in need of rehabilitation. All of them were missing tails, so I stripped them and tied three new models. Rarely does a season pass when I do not deploy light gray comparaduns, and they typically yield favorable results. I expect 2019 to be no different.

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