Go2 Sparkle Pupa – 12/29/2018

Go2 Sparkle Pupa 12/29/2018 Photo Album

For some reason I did not fish frequently on grannom waters in April and May during 2018, and consequently I retained an adequate supply of Go2 sparkle pupa in my fly inventory. My post of 01/11/2017 Go2 Sparkle Pupa does an excellent job of documenting the creation of this fly.

A New Go2 Sparkle Pupa

I sorted through my cylinders of damaged and unraveling flies, and I discovered thirteen old flies in need of repair. Most of them had bright green caddis pupa bodies, so in spite of my ample supply I decided to refurbish nine of the misfit flies into Go2 sparkle pupa. In most cases I stripped the flies down to the bare hook and added a 2.4mm brass gold bead.

Fly ComponentMaterial
HookTiemco 2457 or equivalent
BeadBrass Gold 2.4mm
ThreadBrown 6/0
Sheath/BubbleOlive antron fibers
AbdomenMidge diamond braid chartreuse
Emergent wingSmall clump of coastal deer hair with brown color
Head/LegsRed/brown rabbit dubbing

I love the look of these hybrid versions of the LaFontaine sparkle caddis emerger, and I suspect that the chartreuse diamond braid is a strong fish attractor. Hopefully I will interact with more grannom caddis activity during 2019.

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