Beadhead Hares Ear – 11/20/2011

Fly ComponentMaterial
Hook Tiemco 2487 Size 14
BeadGold Sized to Fit Size 14 Hook
ThreadDark Olive
TailSmall Clump of pheasant feather fibers
RibFine gold wire
AbdomenFur from hare's mask
WingcaseStrip of Tyvek material (FedEx envelope for example) colored with black permanent market width of bead
ThoraxFur from hare's mask
LegsPheasant feather clumps


I began the 2010 season with 50 beadhead hares ear nymphs in my fly boxes and almost ran out. I actually had to take time away from fishing to tie an additional fifteen toward the end of the season. The beadhead hares ear is my absolute “go to” fly, and it seems to catch fish no matter where or when I’m fishing.

60 Beadhead Hares Ears


My goal for 2011 was to tie enough so that I had 70 in my fly boxes at the beginning of the season, and I’m happy to report that this goal was achieved. I scheduled some time each day to tie five flies after I arrived home from work and held to this fairly rigorously. If the season started tomorrow, I’d have beadhead hares ears, and I’m confident I’d catch fish.

Closer View of Workmanship

2 thoughts on “Beadhead Hares Ear – 11/20/2011

  1. Jessie

    Hi Dave, I’m still new to fly tying so sorry for what’s probably a dumb question haha but can you tell me exactly what the Pheasant feather clumps are that you use for the legs and tail? I have a Pheasant tail which looks nothing like that.

    Thanks, Jessie

    1. wellerfish Post author

      Jessie – I thought I replied to this, but it does not show here. I use the body feathers from a ring neck pheasant and strip off four our five fibers in a clump. The feathers are a brown color, but you could probably use any game bird body feather with brown, gray or mottled coloration. This is a different feather from a pheasant than the tail feather that is used to make a pheasant tail nymph. Dave


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