Arkansas River – 7/8/10

Time: 1:30PM – 4:00PM

Location: Stone Bridge

Fish Landed: 5

According to the DWR site, the flows on the Arkansas River near Salida were down to 775 cfs. From past experience, this is decent for edge fishing, and the fishing reports from the fly shops were touting this very approach. I had to meet the house inspector for our new house at 8AM, but hoped to be on my way by 9AM. I had the minivan packed with all my fishing stuff plus my suitcase for a weekend in Eagle, CO with our friends, the Gaboury’s.

As I drove southwest on US 285, I could see heavy cloud cover, and when I stopped for gas in Aspen Park it was quite chilly. This was the story of the day. I passed through a stretch between Kenosha Pass and Fairpay where there was 2-3 inches of snow on the road, and then passed through several thunderstorms before arriving at the Stone Bridge parking area at around 1PM. There was no precipitation at the time of arrival but nasty looking clouds were approaching from the west. I ate my lunch in the car, then put on my waders and rigged my rod.

I used the steps to go over the fence, then slid down the bank and went under the 291 bridge and up the left bank a bit. It was quite cloudy and chilly and I wore my fleece plus raincoat. I tied on a yellow Letort hopper and trailed a beadhead hares ear. This didn’t produce, so I switched out the BHHE for a beadhead pheasant tail. I worked up the left bank for the next couple hours and fished the likely pockets and slow areas behind rocks. I managed to land five small brown trout on the BHPT. Part way through the afternoon, it thundered and I saw lightning, and it rained fairly steadily. I fished beyond the raft launch area at the Stone Bridge access area, but never really got in a good groove. At 4PM I hiked back to the car and stashed everything to dry out while I drove to Eagle, CO to visit the Gaboury’s.

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