Arkansas River – 05/05/2013

Time: 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Location: Braided area above Pinnacle Rock

Fish Landed: 9

Arkansas River 05/05/2013 Photo Album

The spring weather regressed on Sunday and it was quite chilly so Dave and I decided to enjoy a nice big breakfast and take our time getting to the river. We drove across the highway from our hotel to the Patio Pancake House and managed to arrive before the throngs. I ordered eggs and toast while Dave had something similar with the addition of a slice of breakfast ham. After lunch we began our drive east along the river as our strategy was to go to Texas Creek and hopefully get into the area where the caddis hatch was already in force.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the parking lot in Texas Creek there were four or five cars parked in the lot, so we made a quick U-turn and continued down the highway. When we arrived at the braided area above Pinnacle Rock, there were two cars parked at opposite ends of the long shoulder, so we decided to snag the middle spot and hopefully find some space away from the other fishermen. As we prepared to fish the dashboard thermometer displayed 41 degrees. I was quite chilly with a piercing wind making it seem worse than it was. Dave and I found the nice long deep run next to the highway void of fishermen so we grabbed our positions first thing. Dave remainded on the road side, and I waded across below the pool and worked up the side away from the highway. I began with an indicator, split shot, bright green caddis, and a size 14 prince nymph. My thought process on the prince nymph was that the caddis had already emerged, and I’ve had previous success using the prince to imitate diving caddis behind the hatch.

We shook the vegetation to see how many caddis would escape, but we were disappointed to see very few flying up from the willow branches. As I worked up the deep run with my nymphs I managed to land a small brown on the prince. I was somewhat above Dave G., and he was not having any luck at all with his nymphs. When I reached the top of the long run, I continued on for a bit to some shorter pockets, but again I wasn’t seeing any action. At this point I decided to cut across the willows to see if the north braid was occupied. Sure enough when I pushed away the willows and looked down the north channel, I spotted a fisherman downstream in the area that I like to frequent. I bushwhacked through the willows thinking I’d get above the visible fisherman by 50 yards and begin fishing from there. Unfortunately when I broke through the willows there was another fisherman close to the bank and only 10 yards downstream.

I beat a hasty retreat and began fishing where two braids join, so I was working with less volume than I desired. Over the next 1.5 hours I landed eight small browns in the 8-11 inch range and perhaps one of them reached 12 inches. All the small browns were grabbing the prince and quite a few were hanging tight to the bank in 3-4 foot slots, and they darted from their holding lie to snatch the trailing prince as it swung by. Eventually I caught up to another fisherman, so I plowed through the willows again and came out on the main stem. Here I worked some juicy pockets to no avail and then crossed by a dry creek bed and circled back to the highway.

Pockets and Run Sunday Morning

Pockets and Run Sunday Morning

I walked down the highway a short distance and found Dave back in the deep run where he began the morning, and he wasn’t having much luck so we decided to head back to Denver as I had a 6PM flight to Philadelphia to catch.

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