2011 Season

2011 was a great year from a fly fishing perspective with lots of firsts experienced. Once again I read all my log entries, and in this post I’m going to rank my top ten fishing outings of the year. Here we go:

Dave Proudly Holds His Largest Catch to Date

1. Gibralter Creek – 6/23/2011 – Not only did I catch my first 24″ rainbow trout, but I also enjoyed my best afternoon of fishing during my Alaska Rainbow Point Lodge trip.

Gibralter Creek Web Album Link

2. Conejos River – 7/21/2011 – A bear encounter didn’t stop me from experiencing a great day of fishing on the scenic upper Conejos River.

Conejos River Web Album Link

3. Tommy Creek – 6/24/2011 – Another stream draining into Lake Illiamna brought me my second 24″ rainbow along with some other nice fish. My guide, Jordan, tied fry flies the night before, and they worked their magic.

Tommy Creek Web Album Link

4. Copper River – 6/22/2011 – I read articles about catching large rainbows on a mouse fly and actually accomplished the feat on the lower Copper River.

Copper River 6/22/2011 Web Album Link

A Better View of the Fraud Mouse

5. Deschutes River – 8/24/2011 – It was a long tiring day of relentlessly casting a spey rod, and it paid off with my first and only steelhead. It was worth it.

Deschutes River Web Album Link

Estimated at 26"

6. South Platte River – 10/15/2011 – Jane, Dan and I hiked into Wildcat Canyon on a beautiful fall day. I landed 23 nice fish, but more importantly Dan had a great day, and it was fun to be with my family.

South Platte River Web Album Link

Holding Up for Fans

7. Big Thompson River – 10/5/2011 – This was perhaps my best day ever on the Big Thompson as I landed numerous nice rainbows using a size 16 light gray deer hair caddis.

Big Thompson River Web Album Link

8. Arkansas River – 9/13/2011 – Another day of catching nice rainbows this time using the dependable yellow Letort hopper was enjoyed. Amy and her roommate Joe accompanied me on this trip, so the drive was a lot of fun both ways.

Arkansas River Web Album Link

9. Frying Pan River – 9/6/2011 – I foolishly left my newly tied green drakes behind in Denver, but managed to have a great day anyway. Jane, Dan and Amy arrived at 3PM, and I was able to land four or five on the new drakes. Dan fished with me for several hours, and I enjoyed watching him succeed in landing some nice fish.

Frying Pan River Web Album Link

10. Arkansas River – 9/25/2011 – I read a report suggesting that small flies such as tricos and BWO’s were working on the Arkansas River. It was one of those rare occasions when the suggested flies actually worked.

Arkansas River 9/25/2011 Web Album Link

There you have it, the best of 2011.

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